Sail Mexico 2016-2017

San Francisco- LA- BOOKED

LA- San Jose Del Cabo- January 4- 18

San Jose Del Cabo- La Paz- January 22- 28 

La Paz- La Paz- February 1-6

La Paz- La Paz- BOOKED

La Paz- La Paz- BOOKED

La Paz- San Jose Del Cabo- BOOKED

San Jose Del Cabo- San Francisco- March 17- April 2nd

Do you have an adventurous spirit? Do you relish the idea of a hands-on sailing experience with fellow shipmates along the Pacific coast? Have you ever wanted to see firsthand the rich marine life that John Steinbeck described in The Log From the Sea of Cortez, or the rugged California coastline that Richard Henry Dana sailed in Two Years before the Mast?

If so, we invite you to come sail aboard 82-foot schooner SEAWARD. Grab your duffel bag, bring an adventurous spirit, and join a small group of fellow shipmates, as Schooner SEAWARD journeys south for another winter. Each leg of the journey involves exploring the bays and islands, beaches and villages of Mexico's spectacular coast. You'll learn the ways of the sea from professional mariners, discover abundant marine life, dine on fresh and delicious meals, and enjoy the true beauty of Mexico - far from the high rises and bright lights.


Please call 415-331-3214 for additional information